The Fifth Question:

Not everybody loves their job, but even people that do usually have some part of it that they hate. In some cases, it even goes so completely against their human nature that they are forced to question many things, including themselves.


Gary Schnitzer and Pat Tyson

Angus Wynne III and J. Schuh

directed by:
Bryan D. Smith

a film by:
Chad Briggs, Gloria Reyes Levario, Bryan D. Smith, and T.G. Weems

and special thanks to:
Aimee Bross, Continental Gin Studios, Robert Davis, Selvin deLeon - Studio f2, Group 101 Films, Li(z)2 Judge, Andrew Ketterson, J.T. Moore - Killer Productions, Margaret Muir, Shell Meggersee, Christopher Reilly, Leroy Roper, MPS Studios, Cary Sellars, Shawn Spetch, Leshia Tweddle, & David Wohlert

"The Fifth Question" music and video:
copyright 2004 Route 32 Proudctions, all rights reserved