Laundry Day:

Everybody dreads laundry day, especially those of us who have to bang our socks on rocks in a river. But for those of us with modern creature comforts such as electric washers and dryers, we have become increasingly complacent over the ages with regards to this once awe inspiring ritualistic act of hygiene. And now we must pay the ultimate price for our apathy.

Screenings of Laundry Day:

Dragon Con Independant Short Film Festival: Sept. 3rd - Sept. 6th, 2004 Atlanta, Georgia

Shockerfest: Sept. 24 - Sept. 26, 2004 Modesto, California

Greenwich Film Festival: Sept. 26th - Oct. 2nd, 2004 Greenwich, Conneticut

Farmington Funny Film Festival: Oct. 7th - Oct. 10th 2004 Farmington, Minnesota

Deep Ellum Film Festival: Oct. 14th - Oct. 21st 2004 Dallas, Texas

Griffon International Film Festival: Oct. 15th - Oct. 17th 2004 St. Joseph, Missouri

Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference: Nove. 4th - Nov. 7th, 2004 Lexington, Kentucky

First Glance Hollywood Film Festival: Dec. 2nd - Dec. 5th 2004 Hollywood, California

Dallas Film Series Mar. 10, 2005 - Dallas, Texas

Fort Worth Film Series Mar. 24, 2005 - Ft. Worth, Texas

Indiana South Bend Independant Film Festival - Apr. 8 - Apr. 9, 2005 South Bend, Indiana

RiverRun International Film Festival - Apr. 21 - Apr. 24, 2005 Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Damon Decker

directed by:
Bryan D. Smith

produced by:
T.G. Weems

"Tragic" music and lyrics copyright 2002 Carmen Menza
performed by Carmen Menza and Magneeto

special thanks to:
Chris Aden, Kurt Basa, Chad Briggs, Aimee Bross, Brandon Bruce, Teryna Clark, Gary Cobb, Candis Darr, Robert Davis, Joe Delaney, Group 101, Christopher Donahue, Lizz Judge, Andrew Ketterson, Robby Lamb, Bobby Land, Charla Land, Gloria Reyes Levario, Andy Macinnes, Anu Mahajan, Shelley Meggersee, Isaac Mensah, Noelia Morales, Margaret Muir, Tom Nagle, Scott Reinhold, Marla Roberts, Shawn Spetch, MPS Studios, Charlie Taylor, Jr., Leshia Tweddle, Carol Vasquez, and David Wohlert.

"Laundry Day":
copyright 2004 Route 32 Productions, all rights reserved