Laundry Nights - Part 2 of the Rinse Cycle:

At night, nobody can hear your laundry scream.

Screenings of Laundry Nights:

Hey, we ain't even finished the flick yet! Wait for it... wait for it...

Credits (still growing):

Starring: Damon Decker as "Damon Hakimoto"

Written / Directed: Bryan Smith

Cinematographer: Brad Herbert

Voices: Kurt Basa, Cynthia Jordan, Armando Rafael, and Marla Roberts

Crew / Puppeters: Cynthia Jordan, Robby Lamb, Gloria Reyes Levario, and Shawn Spetch

Additional Crew and Puppeters: Wendi Bates, Taylor Dawson, Dean Gosdin, Ian Johnson, J.T. Moore, Matt Nagle, Monica Nagle, Tom Nagle, Marla Roberts, Valecia Sarmento, Vivian Sparks, David "Loser" Wohlert, and Sadryss Ariana Zbinden

Additional Humans: Jim Arnold, Jason Nailling, and Troy Sterk

Prosthetic Effects: Mitch Rogers and Brick in the Yard Mold Supply - Dallas, Texas

Original Score Composed and Performed by: Rob Kleiner

Additional Musicians: TBD

"Tragic" - Copyright 2004 Carmen Menza, Performed by Magneeto

Artists: Brandon J. Bruce, Shelley Meggersee, and Shawn Spetch

Visual Effects: Element X Creative - Dallas, Texas

Senior Visual Effects Supervisor: Chad Briggs

3D Modeling: Shawn Spetch

Motion Graphics: Ian Johnson

Still Photography / Still Compositing: Robert Flynt, Jr.

Editor / Producer: Armando Rafael

Sock Donors: Brian Delaney, Stephen Evans, Dell Field, Karen Johnson, Jerry Luera, John Hitt, Siena and Gabrielle Krueger, Scott Reinhold, Sam Roadman, Keith Salzman, Leshia Tweddle, Victoria Williams, and Larry Witkowski

Special Thanks to: "Bar of Soap" Laundromat and Nightclub - Dallas, Texas, Brad Beasley, Gary Cobb, Christopher Donahue, Andrea Duncan, Stephanie Ford, Charles Gilder, Levi Glassrock, Andrew Ketterson, Killer Productions - Dallas, Texas, Jeff Lamond, MPS Studios - Dallas, Texas, Monroe Machine, Margaret Muir, Jimmy Paleschic, Sam's Sock Shop - Gilean, North Carolina, Leshia Tweddle, Carol Vasquez, T.G. Weems, and Chris Youtsey


"Laundry Nights - Part 2 of the Rinse Cycle":
copyright 2006 Route 32 Productions, all rights reserved