Snowball's Chance in Hell :

"Snowball's Chance in Hell" is a CG/live action short currently in production that is *this* close to being done with sock puppets instead of cg animation.

Credits (still growing):

Joe Alter - Shave and a Haircut consultant
Guillermo Becerra - Prosthetics sculptor and designer
Danny Beck - art department
Jim Bowman - prop department glass work
Bryan Brewer - storyboard artist
Karen Briley - costume department seamstress
Chad Briggs - technical director/compositing
Aimee Bross - prop department chemical engineering
Brandon Bruce - storyboard artist/cg modeling/documentary crew
Samuel Cobb - Uilleann pipes
Selvin de Leon - prop department sculptor
Hellbilly Delux - costume department milliner/prop department sculptor
Shaun Paul Ebert - Señor D./voice of McDougal
Ramahan Faulk - cg modeling consultant
Michelle Feldman - fiddle
Bill Flynn - narrator
Cynthia Jordan - interviewer/lead documentarian
Andrew Ketterson - prop department construction
Forbes Graham - cg modeler
Robby Lamb - cg modeling
Mark Leon - cg modeling
Gloria Reyes Levario - casting director
Leon Logothetis - voice of Feasel
John Mascio - origami designer
Shelly Meggersee - art department/cg modeling
Kurt Molhusen - dental prosthetics
Hai Nguyen - systems programming
Derek Nugent - Scottish dialect coach and consultant
Matt Nunn - prosthetics assistant
Jimmy Paleschic - still photographer
Daniel Penz - voice of Larry
Katy Peppard - voice of Snowball
J. Marshall Pittman - cg pipeline designer
Armando Rafael - music/sound-designer/editor
Erin Maureen Reid - Irish dance choreographer/mocap dancer
Mitch Rogers - prosthetics lifecaster
Kelly Romeo - cg rigging
Holly Roomiani - storyboard artist/rabbit consultant
Randal C. Sanden, Jr. - prop department sculptor
Valecia Sarmento - prosthetics/key makeup
Vince Sidwell - cg modeling
Bryan Smith - writer/director
Shawn Spetch - art director/prop department sculptor
Brenda Taylor - producer
Charlie Taylor, Jr. - Sno-cap construction supervisor
Knick Tran - director of photography
Graeme Watt - cg modeling
T.G. Weems - mocap engineer/documentary crew
Andrew Whitehurst - HDR panoramic photographer
Heather Wiese-Alexander - art department
David Wohlert - production assistant/data wrangler
Matthew C. Wood - legal
Alex Verdin - cg modeling

Special thanks to:
A Bunch of Short Guys
Art With Designs
Alan Chan
BITY Mold Supply
Bowman Hot Glass
BRJ Productions
Circle R Media
Collin County Community College
Element X Creative

Hibernia School of Irish Dance
J. Schuh
Third World Productions

inspired by the short story "Snowball's Chance in Hell" by L. Donahue

"Snowball's Chance in Hell":
copyright 2006 Route 32 Productions, all rights reserved